Manufactured in our dedicated gluten free facility
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Our recipes are all natural and have no preservatives
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Pizza, Italian Panini, Hamburger Buns, Pita Chips and more

Our History

We are a team of New York pizza industry veterans who have always had our eyes on trends and a penchant for ingenuity. One day while in a pizza shop, a customer was speaking with us about finding a pizza crust that was gluten free but healthier than what is readily available in the market place today. Our founders explained to her that a cauliflower pizza crust could be an option, and that is when The Blooming Oven was born. The next day, we went to work developing a cauliflower pizza crust that had all of the characteristics that customers look for in a hard-to-please pizza market (New York). Our crust is crispy, tasty and tender, and it’s made with all natural ingredients and uses no corn, rice or other fillers. We manufacture all of our products in a certified gluten free bakery that is nut free, GMO free and kosher dairy.



All of The Blooming Oven’s products are proudly gluten-free. Both our 9” and 10″ par-baked, New York-style cauliflower pizza crusts aren’t just for pizza lovers though. Use it to make bread, paninis, and chips for a happy and healthy meal, snack, or bread alternative with a tender texture, all without the gluten-free aftertaste! No matter what you use our Cauli-Crust for, your guaranteed to get a crispy dish that tastes great.



To create healthy alternatives to the world’s favorite foods by sourcing the finest ingredients, utilizing the best talent and manufacturing with the highest standards of quality. We will focus on developing great tasting products that are suitable for those with dietary challenges, food sensitivities, and for those just looking to live a cleaner lifestyle.


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